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We’re moving

June 25, 2010

We wanted to thank you for reading our blog so far.  A blog is worthless without readers, so thank you.

We’re moving on up…to the East side. Guess you could say we sold out. Soon you’ll see us on ChicagoNow. Web address should be the same (crossing fingers…technology).

Keep checking us out. Stuff is only going to get better.


Big Announcement Coming

June 24, 2010

We have a big, big announcement coming up. Can’t tell you yet, maybe by the end of the week. Stay tuned.

Northwestern’s most hated beat reporter gets the boot

June 16, 2010

I never WANT people to get canned, but I like to think this is in a way, karma.

Jim O’Donnell was fired by the Sun-Times, Feder reports.

Why I hate the Nebraska Cornhuskers

June 11, 2010

Remember the Alamo!

“You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!”– Northwestern alum. Charlton Heston

No, this isn’t Planet of the Apes, but it has turned into “Children of the Corn IV: This time it’s personal again.”

We learned one thing this week…Nebraska really hates Texas.  I mean, everyone hates Texas, but Nebraska hates Texas on an epic scale that might surpass any hatred we’ve seen in college sports.

Let’s be real…Nebraska hated Texas so much for even considering leaving the Big XII, the Cornhuskers went ahead and actually left!

This is all very weird because the primary reason I hate Nebraska centers around Texas.

“You will remember this battle! Each minute! Each second! Until the day that you die! But that is for tomorrow, gentlemen. For today, Remember The Alamo!”–Pat Fitzgerald, aka Sam Houston

Fitz needs to show his troops the game tape of the 2000 Alamo Bowl before they play Nebraska for the first time. Never has there been a more embarrassing slaughter in bowl game history. Final score: 66-17, with the Children of the Corn coming out on top.

Mind you, this was the most exciting NU team in program history. They beat Michigan 54-51 in the greatest college football game ever played (Yeah, I said it. Challenge me, I dare you), and they also knocked off Minnesota on a Hail-Mary pass that year as well. Did I mention that 2000 was the last time Northwestern won a Big “Ten” title? To have the season end on such a sour note is something every NU fan tries to forget.

Of course you can’t hate a team for kicking your ass. But you can hate them for the way they did it. Already up 52-17, they had the kernels to bust out a WIDE RECEIVER pass for a touchdown. I’m sorry, you do not run trick plays up by 35 points. A 35-point lead is insurmountable unless you’re Michigan State in 2006, but I digress.

Obviously, the 2000 Alamo Bowl has absolutely nothing to do with the people involved with the programs right now. But it’s not about hating the people, that’s just mean. College sports is about school pride and hating the opposing institution, especially if it’s Iowa. (Well, college sports is mainly about money, but that’s self-evident, not fun, and quite frankly depressing.)

And one very good reason to hate the institution of Nebraska is that their abbreviation for their teams is…NU.

I’m sorry, but that’s BS.

They are the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. They should be UNL. But nooooo, they not only call themselves NU, but ESPN does as well! Meanwhile, we’re relegated to NWU or NW. Neither of those make sense because “Northwestern” is all one word. You fucking Syracuse alums at ESPN can’t do anything right except run your mouths! Figure it out.

I swear to Allah if the Big Ten Network calls Nebraska NU and Northwestern something else…

I really can’t do anything about it, but umm, I’ll be pissed!

Another reason to hate Nebraska is that they are in the middle of nowhere.  (Note, this is also a valid reason to hate Penn State.) A road trip to Nebraska from Evanston takes eight hours and 40 minutes according to Mapquest, and that’s without taking the necessary detour around Iowa to avoid being overcome by the smell of pig farms.

Furthermore, when they come to our place, unless Jim Phillips pulls a Houdini to make more NU fans magically appear out of the hat known as the Wrigley Field game, Ryan Field will be a sea of red. We already have to deal with Wisconsin and those damn dirty apes from Ohio State…now Nebraska?

Nebraska, this just got real. Welcome to the Big “Ten.” But let me be very clear.

We’ll give you our abbreviation when you take it from our cold, dead hands.

Not gonna do it

June 8, 2010

Not going to say anything about expansion. See you in July.

Not gonna do it.

College football on a Sunday – that’s church day for me!

June 3, 2010


As reported by SEC blogger Chris Low, Vandy coach Bobby Johnson wanted to play NU this year on Sunday. Well, Irish Catholic Pat Fitzgerald was going to have none of that. He didn’t want to play on the day of rest because he didn’t want a shorter week of prep. Don’t blame him.

And that would have seriously pissed me off too, since I have a little SFTF meet up planned for that game. More info to come as we inch closer to the season.

In other news, Northwestern is getting no respect on the blogs, especially the Rivals site. doesn’t even know the starting QB of our team.

Dan “Person?????” Really?

Dan Person.

Vigilante Justice: Super Soaker Style

May 24, 2010

"I will not tolerate your non-Northwestern football T-shirts!"

What’s that?

You want to wear the T-shirt of another school’s football team on the campus of Northwestern University?

You better think again.

Because, according to a Twitter feed familiar with an incident today in Evanston, if you’re reppin’ the wrong team, you’re gonna get Super Soakered.  I’m just sayin’.

Apparently, a pair of NU footballers who we’ll call “Willie” and “The Wildcat” decided that it was time to show some school spirit on a steamy Chicagoland day with an aqua arsenal.

So they “just sprayed this girl w/ waterguns for rockin a Miami fball t-shirt…..she was not happy bout it at all….#herfault.”

I’m not sure if this duo of vigilantes is walking/driving looking for targets or if they prefer an ambush approach.  Perhaps they’ll soon put together a posse.

But as long as you’ve got the right colors, you should be okay (kind of like South Central, but a little less, you know, deadly).